How To Get On The First Page Of Google – SEO 101 | Minority Mindset | Jaspreet Singh

How To Get On The First Page Of Google – SEO 101 | Minority Mindset | Jaspreet Singh

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How To Get On The First Page Of Google – SEO 101 | Minority Mindset | Jaspreet Singh
What’s up everybody my name is Jaspreet Singh & welcome to the Minority Mindset. The first step to having a profitable business is getting traffic to your business. Without traffic you won’t have customers, and without customers, you’ll fail. So in this video I want to talk about how you can get more customers through internet searches.

The best kind of customers are organic customers. Organic customers are the ones you don’t pay for. They hear about you through their friends or through their own research and they become a customer. You want as much organic traffic as possible.

The best way to get organic traffic is by having viral content because when something is viral or popular people share it with their friends.

Have you seen any of the dollar beard club commercials on Facebook? These videos got millions of views and bought in over 8 million dollars worth of sales in the first 8 months alone.

But, instead of just hoping your content goes viral on social media, you can use certain strategies to get your business seen by people who are searching for answers or products on google.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo show and rank websites by looking at a websites SEO or search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is how we tell Google what our website is about so we can get our website shown on the first page of Google. There are about 3.5 billion Google searches a day, so there’s a good chance that people are searching for things in your industry.

So how do you get your website ranked? Well, there are a lot of things that go into Google’s secret algorithm. Here are a few things you can do to best optimize your search rankings.

Once you have a business, you want to continually produce regular content for your website using keywords related to your niche. For example, if you’re selling fitness supplements you could start a health blog and write about body building and protein supplements.

When you keep doing this, Google will see that your business is consistently writing about body building and protein suppliments, so if someone is searching for body building advice, Google might rank your website as a good place for answers.

Google also wants to see who is sharing your website because they only want to rank credible businesses which are likely to show you what you are looking for fast. So, you want to get bloggers and the press to write about and share the link to your website.

When you do this, Google sees that credible people are sharing your content so they assume that you are producing quality content.

Many SEO experts now believe that your social media presence can boost your SEO to help your website’s ranking. So make sure your business is on Social Media. If you want to see how I got my first 10,000 IG followers, read my free eBook on Instagram, you can download it on my website by clicking this link right here.

And lastly, your website builder should have a place where you can enter meta tags for pages on your website. To keep it simple, meta tags are short phrases that describe what your website page is about. These tags aren’t displayed on your website, but they are in your website’s code and Google will read these to see what you want your website ranked for.
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On Page SEO Tutorial for Beginners: How to Rank Your Website High On Google in 2017

On Page SEO Tutorial for Beginners: How to Rank Your Website High On Google in 2017

On-Page SEO is absolutely essential to rank your website high in Google. Your website SEO, sometimes referred to as, onsite SEO, continues to become more important as the Google algorithm gets better at searching websites.

As mentioned in the tutorial, here is the on-page SEO formula pack to help you rank higher in the search results: [link to landing page]

Normal: .99/mo
Student Deal: .99/mo

Ensuring your website is optimized for search engines is not hard but there is a lot of information to absorb and implement.

Because of this, and since this is a long video, I’ve made a table of contents below so you can reference different parts of this beginners guide when needed.

I. Relevancy: 00:47 – 1:58
II. Site Structure (SILO): 1:59 – 5:28
III. Google Sitemap: 5:29 – 6:49
IV. Content Optimization: 6:50 – 11:49
V. Images: 11:50 – 13:21
VI. URLs: 13:22 – 14:43
VII. Metadata: 14:44 – 15:37
VIII. Website Speed: 15:38 – 18:19
IX. Engagement Signals: 18:20 – 20:55

Relevancy is a term that explains the depth of your content; in other words, how comprehensive are the topics discussed on the site.

Silo structure is important for your on page seo because it helps spread authority throughout your website as well as enhances the relevance of your webpages.

A sitemap is a document displaying the structure of your website and tells search engines how to index it.

Indexing, is just a fancy way of describing the act of a search engine finding, searching through, and storing the information of your website.

Having a sitemap is good for SEO as well as getting your website indexed faster!

This is the process of creating high quality articles that are loved by both site visitors and search engines.

It’s good practice to have at least one image on each page of your website. Having images improves the look and allows you to break up the content in readable chunks.

There are a few tweaks you want to do with all of your images to improve your on page seo.

Your urls play an important part in your website SEO.

Google has changed significantly from its earlier days when having keywords in your URL could make or break your rankings. However URLs still play an important role in onsite optimization.

It is important to have exact match or partial match keywords in your URL tag for the main keyword you are trying to rank for (for the specific page or post).

Your metadata is the information displayed on search engine result pages.

This can be controlled on a wordpress website using a plugin called yoast seo.

The art of Website speed optimization is huge when in the world of SEO (and for good reason). Google is looking for websites that function efficiently; they didn’t get to where they are today by providing their users with bad search experience!

Attention span on the internet is short. For this reason, businesses have to capture it fast with quick loading websites. Otherwise, the viewer will leave before even seeing your site.

This low time on site is a bad ranking signal and steps should definitely be taken to mitigate it.

The easiest way to improve your website’s loading speed is with quality hosting. As mentioned in the video, SiteGround: [link] has perhaps, the best shared hosting plan on the web!

There still really isn’t any definitive evidence on whether Google uses engagement signals in their ranking algorithm.

There are tons of SEOs that believe there is strong evidence that Google does, in fact, take into account how users are interacting with your website (I am one of these SEOs).

If not now, engagement signals are going to play an ever-increasing role into the future as artificial technology continues to become insanely accurate at judging human behavior.

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Sitemap: Using All in One SEO Plugin, Quick and Easy

Sitemap: Using All in One SEO Plugin, Quick and Easy

WordPress Course for Beginners

In this video you’re going to learn how to create your sitemap using your All in One SEO plugin.
At the top of the screen you should see SEO. It’s also in the menu at the side of your WordPress dashboard.

Click on Feature Manager

And enable XML Sitemaps

Now visit and you should see your sitemap.

The next step is to submit your sitemap to Google, Bing/Yahoo and

Using SEMRush To Improve Website SEO

Using SEMRush To Improve Website SEO

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Benefits & Importance of Infographics – SEO Video Guide

Benefits & Importance of Infographics – SEO Video Guide

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