seo tips

seo tips

Quick SEO tips to boost your website ranking.
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3 Quick SEO Tips for Your Business

3 Quick SEO Tips for Your Business

Here is Jeff from AIMC Business Solutions providing three quick tips to help your business be more searchable on the major search engines like Google and Bing.

AIMC Business Solutions is a Website Solution/ Social Media and Information Technology Consulting firm serving companies through the United States and Canada specializing in “Total” Website, Social Media and IT Services for businesses requiring total control over their internet presence.

We also offer Business Networking Consulting, Social Media and Information Technology Support and Consultation for companies including training on tools such as Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Periscope, Twitter and Facebook. We also provide merchant services and IT Technical Support.

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Quick Start guide for DIY Local SEO pt 1 Google Plus Local Page

Quick Start guide for DIY Local SEO pt 1 Google Plus Local Page

Business Homepage

Business Guidelines

Connect Brand to local page

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These websites below are not affiliated with RMX Digital studio but have great visual guides for you to use

Google Plus image guide for classic view

Google Plus Image guide for updated 2016 look

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Thank you for watching, please let us know in the comments below if you wanted more detailed information in this video or if it was just enough to help get you started.

Future videos will include Facebook and Facebook ads, using twitter to connect to clients, how to use youtube to drive website visitors, setting up citation sites and setting up business directories.

Tony’s Quick Tips: Set Your Title Up For SEO

Tony’s Quick Tips: Set Your Title Up For SEO

Search, or SEO, is critical to getting found by ideal prospects today. One area where many professionals miss the opportunity to get found is in the title area of their LinkedIn profile – it is prime search real estate!

In this weeks quick tips we discuss exactly what area that is in LinkedIN, and how to go about using it effectively to get found by prospects…